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Is there a energetically low way to chemically degrade / destroy cement and concrete?

Personally I dislike cement and concrete. Nothing grows on it, it's hard and unconfortable and exists for cars rather than living beings. There are some concrete spots in front of my house where I ...
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Asphalt (petroleum product) vs cement (carbon emitter) -- how to choose?

This answer to another question points out that asphalt, a petroleum product, is used in large quantities. If we as a society want to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, we will need to find an ...
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Alternatives to concrete for a flat roof

I am from India and planning to build a house with as little cement, steel and sand as possible. I am looking to keep the temperature inside the home to be minimal since temperature will touch around ...
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Can Asphalt and concrete be recycled at long term?

Asphalt and concrete are substances where a lot of heavy metals and other materials being hazardous to one's health are being "deposited". But what to do with them when concrete and asphalt have ...
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Concrete vs asphalt: which is better in terms of sustainability?

According to this jolly article, concrete is just as recyclable as asphalt, easy to maintain, requires almost no maintenance, etc, when it comes to pavement. I realize the guys who wrote the article ...
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Most promising decarbonisation routes for clinker, cement and concrete?

Clinker is a major component of cement, which is a major component of concrete. Which means the production of clinker, globally, is huge. But currently, clinker production releases very large amounts ...
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Is concrete a sustainable material?

I am a believer that industrialization is a root of unsustainable practices. I was pondering on what can be considered as a genuine sustainable living. When I try to understand how can mankind change ...
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