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Where can I find South and South East Asian fish fingerlings in Europe?

I am interested in farming South and Southeast Asian fish species (e.g., Labeo catla, Labeo rohita, Heteropneustes fossilis, Channa punctata, etc.) in my backyard pond in Germany. How can I obtain ...
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Is a sump tank necessary for my proposed aquaponics system?

I am designing an aquaponics system for my basement. I am thinking about one large fish tank approximately 3500 gallons. The grow beds will be above the fish tank and consist of twelve 45 gallon ...
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Pond for largemouth bass / perch

In NE Ohio (Zone 5 - 6) how large of a pond would I need to raise largemouth bass or perch for food production. What is the minimal depth and diameter required for 100 fish?
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Aquaculture from nothing

I'm in the process of setting up an aquaponics (recirculating aquaculture) system. The main fish being raised are Channel Catfish, and in a separate tank I am also attempting to raise Guppies as a ...
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Is canned fish more sustainable than fresh?

I read this beauty-oriented article claiming that canned fish is more sustainable than fresh fish. Is this true? Listed below is a brief energy/sustainability brain dump on the subject. Canned fish: ...
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Avoid eating tuna (as it is endangered)?

I heard that tuna is disseaparing, I "verified" on the Greenpeace link. It seems hard to believe it, is this for real? The "pig" of the oceans, one of the most common, one of the favourites? Or it's ...
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Meat or fish, which requires more energy to produce?

In general it is assumed that the energy that is required to produce a certain type of food is a good surrogate for the total environmental burden of food products. I scanned some studies to compare ...
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How can I assure that fish stock for my aquarium are coming from sustainable sources?

If I want to start an aquarium I will need fish stock to get it going. How can I assure that fish stock for my aquarium are coming from sustainable sources (e.g. being farmed) as opposed to coming ...
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