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How best to get rid of household stuff?

I'm moving across half of the country to take a new job and I have a storage unit full of household and miscellaneous stuff. Was planning to move everything to the new place but the moving companies' ...
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What are the cons of storing plastic waste

Sorry for a silly question, I'm sure it was asked many times in different forms but I wasn't able to find any concrete answer so here we go. So, I'm trying to understand what is the 'best' way of ...
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Is there a solution for flattening/reducing the volume of plastic recyclables in the home?

I've been having issues with my indoors storage solution for plastics. Loose wrappers and containers from food products tend to take an unnecessarily large amount of space and without a way to ...
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Freezing Ice Pops Sustainably

When storing ice pops for retail customers, I need to package them in a freezer-safe ,clear wrapping. I would like for it to be compostable, but apparently the compostable cellophane options are not ...
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How to store rechargeable batteries

I like using rechargeable NiMH batteries (AA and AAA) rather than buying single-use ones, for obvious reasons. The issue is, I often have to prematurely discard them because they leak. I suspect it ...
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Would a root cellar benefit from an active ventilation system activated by temperature or humidity?

We are designing a root cellar for a landscape client, and have read the literature on passive venting. We're going to use a solar panel/battery setup to power a small light inside, but were wondering ...
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Is buying online more sustainable than in local shop next door?

I was planning to buy a toy. I can buy it online and in local shop next door. Price is (including shipping in case of online shop) more or less the same. Is one more sustainable than the other?
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How can corrugated cardboard from packaging be compacted for storage before recycling?

A 1500+ employees company is trying to be greener and instead of throwing cardboard packaging out it sends it for recycling. Recycling company won't accept less than several dozen kilograms of ...
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Freezing Bananas With Less Waste

My wife likes to freeze bananas by removing their skin, wrapping them in aluminum foil, and placing them in the freezer. She eats a couple of bananas per day. So, this is using up a lot of aluminum ...
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How to store plastic bags for easy access?

I bring some plastic bags to my flat almost everyday. I do not throw them out, instead I reuse them on a daily basis until they wear out. But I have a problem organising them and I am yet to find a ...
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What sustainable packaging can be used for meat in the freezer?

When my family purchases meat from the supermarket, it comes on a non-recyclable plastic foam tray with plastic cling wrap over the top. We can improve on this by purchasing meat elsewhere. However, ...
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Storing food without refrigerator during the winter

I am unplugging my refrigerator for the winter months, I live in the northern United States so the temperature is sub freezing most of the time during winter. I have a semi-insulated garage that is ...
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