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fatty liquid extracted from seeds or fruits of plants, used often for consumption but also as biofuel.

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Are soybeans mainly grown for animal feed or oil production?

In the great vegan vs. non-vegan environmental debate a big point of contention is the topic of animal feed. Vegans argue that a large percentage of agriculture should be attributed to cattle farming. ...
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Palm oil usage statistics

Can someone point me to a resource that would detail what is palm oil being used for, preferably with some % indicators? A staunch meat eater has been boldly proclaiming that being vegetarian or ...
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Is cooking with palm oil healthy? [closed]

Cooking oil is very important to get a good taste. Is cooking with palm oil healthy?
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Can I compost vegetable oil?

I have a quart (0.9 liter) of vegetable oil, and was wanting to get rid of it. I know you're not supposed to pour it down the drain, and was thinking that if I put it in the compost bin I would be ...
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How environmentally friendly is palm oil with a certified organic label?

I'm trying to reduce my consumption of palm oil because palm oil production is responsible for deforestation, large forest fires and loss of biodiversity. The problem is that palm oil is present in ...
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Palm oil vs coconut oil, which has the smallest ecological impact?

There is a valid fuss and concern about palm oil for a few reasons. To myself the main concern is the destruction of ecology and habitat for species in the countries which are increasingly producing ...
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Olive oil versus sunflower oil

I wondered what was the best, in one hand for the health (but I guess the question should be asked somewhere else, shouldn't it?) and in the other hand for the earth. Which one, if there is one, is ...
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