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Is there an efficient method to generate electric power from wood on a residential scale?

1 kg of firewood is said to have around 4-5 kWh of energy. Some wood stoves claim a burning efficiency up to 90%, and I understand this means how completely the wood is burned. Pipe loss is not ...
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CO2 emissions from outdoor fire pit

I have an outdoor fire pit in my backyard. The fire pit is about 3 feet in diameter and is similar to ones you might find at a camp site. My family and I enjoy using it purely for recreation. I’ve ...
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How is amount of wood measured?

There has been some confusion here related to measurement of amounts of wood. There are at least the following units of wood measurement: loose cubic meter of wood stack cubic meter of wood solid ...
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Is burning wood the same as letting it biodegrade from a CO2 emissions perspective?

I always thought, that burning wood, would be bad for the total CO2 in the atmosphere until I heard it being pitched as "renewable energy". Now I am slightly unsure. The logic goes like this: Wood ...
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Woodburning stoves: what wood and why?

I have been experimenting with a very old (made and installed in the 60s) woodburning stove in my new house in Devon, UK. I have started to learn that hardwood burns for longer than softwood, that ...
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Ecological wood-burning fireplace

We are in the process of choosing a fireplace for our house (which is being refurbished). Is it possible to have a wood-burning fireplace that doesn't cause any harmful emissions or contribute to smog ...
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Size of wood lot required for cooking/heating (US west coast)?

On the west coast of the US (WA, OR) how many acres of trees would be required to keep a single family home supplied endlessly? If I and my family plant a tree for everyone tree we cut for fuel, how ...
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How much firewood does it take to produce the equivalent of 1kWh of electrical heating?

Let's assume 1kWh of electricity is used to run a fan heater. Heat pumps are more efficient, but have a range of different efficiencies, so perhaps aren't a good base comparison. Assuming a good ...
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Can kiln-dried wood be stored outside?

Earlier in the year I had a wood burner (stove) installed. I bought a small quantity of kiln-dried wood, to get myself going. Because of the small quantity, I was able to store it indoors (in the ...
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Burning wood efficiently via rocket stove

Is burning wood considered sustainable if the efficiency can be improved up to 90% compared to the 50% of conventional burning stoves?
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How much wood can I burn sustainably, carbon neutral and in an ecologically responsible way from a forest?

While wood can - in theory - be a carbon neutral fuel, in practice burning wood creates a huge carbon debt and it may take a long time for all the carbon released by logging, soil degradation and so ...
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Which paperboard/wood is not healthy for cooking barbecue? [closed]

In Argentina on weekends we cook barbecue with fire generated with woods and paperboard. We don't use gas like in the USA. I know there are some things that cause cancer and other illness like OSB ...
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How can I measure the moisture content of my firewood to ensure good efficiency and clean burning?

It's clear that firewood that hasn't been well dried is more polluting and less energy efficient, hence the existence of various schemes to ensure firewood suppliers provide dry wood. Is there a way ...
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What strategy to follow for thinning a woodlot?

I have a woodlot roughly 10 acres (4 hectares) from which I harvest firewood. From a permaculture perspective, this is my Zone 4; Zone 5 lies along the back edge of the woodlot. I'm in the northeast ...
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Planting trees for firewood - how many?

I'd like to heat my house using self-grown firewood. How do I go about calculating the number of trees I'd need to plant each year to make it sustainable - same number of trees harvested each year as ...
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