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2 answers

If the groundwater is unsafe to drink, does that make the sap from a maple tree unsafe to use for maple syrup?

I tried googling an answer to this one, but this is one of those times when Google just didn't provide an answer. It says that trees are good at removing contamination from soil and that harvested ...
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Do carbon-offsetting apps work? Are there better ways for me to invest in reducing climate change?

For some time, I've been using an app called Klima to calculate my carbon footprint and pay a small monthly amount to offset it. They invest in: tree planting schemes solar panels clean cookstoves ...
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2 answers

Will planting trees around my house save me from pollution?

If one is living in a polluted city and plants trees around their house, Will it reduce air pollution? What about reducing heat in the summer?
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Do timber buildings remove carbon from the atmosphere in the long run?

One of the advantages of timber buildings is regularly said to be their ability to effectively remove carbon from the atmosphere, through long term carbon storage. Wouldn't this require the timber ...
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What are the major concerns about planting trees to create carbon offsets?

I've seen many organizations trying to sell carbon offsets based on planting trees, and recently some parties (1, 2) that were vying for control of the Canadian government promised that they would ...
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Why does the cost of planting trees vary so much across different websites?

I am actively looking to donate to organisations that plant trees and, as far as I know, there are several websites that allow you to do that. Some offer the possibility to follow the tree's life ...
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3 answers

Hyper carbon accumulator(s) for backyards

I am curious, what people could do with a small piece of land like their home backyard (say originally it is a regular lawn smaller than 20m^2, in temperate continental climate (so pretty harsh)) to ...
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What are some leguminous food trees suited for a Mediterranean climate?

I can think of carob, which already grows in the area. What other kinds would be a good source of nutrition and thrive in a Mediterranean climate with little annual rainfall? Other tree suggestions ...
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Uses for Sycamore tree bark?

I live near a number of parks which have very large Sycamore trees. In winter these trees naturally shed their bark. The bark tends to pile up at the bottom of the tree until, I assume, the park ...
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Is it okay from a sustainability viewpoint to buy a christmas tree?

I am thinking about buying a christmas tree but I want to know if that is or isn't good from a sustainability viewpoint.
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3 answers

How to compensate past CO₂ emissions

How would I compensate 250 tons of CO₂ emissions that I've created in my life? Is there a sustainable way? I know trees can absorb a lot of CO₂, but once they die, the absorbed CO₂ is back in the ...
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1 answer

Quantity of new trees needed to compensate all human CO₂ pollution

That trees are the major tools to remove CO₂ from the air is clear, but how many new trees need to be planted to compensate all human CO₂ pollution (6 gigatons / year?)? We should work with standard ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Do Christmas trees have a positive or a negative impact on carbon emissions?

In this era of growing concerns about global warming, the tradition of chopping down millions of trees each year only to discard them a few weeks later, might strike some people as bizarre. But does ...
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How do leaves trap or block particulate pollution?

This article talks about how urban trees reduce particulate pollution. In particular, a study showed that a row of trees in front of houses reduced the level of pollution detected in the houses. ...
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