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Smaller 800W Off-Grid Solar Panel System Arrangement

I'm planning to setup a smaller 800W off-grid solar panel system for my weekend cottage in Western Europe. I already bought the necessary parts, cables, and accessories, here's my design sketch for ...
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Can I use this "hydro" inverter with solar panels SMA hyroboy HB 1124 Im assuming the inverter does not know where the DC current is coming from as long as it is below the maximum current, or am I missing something ...
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2 answers

Should I expand or duplicate my sailboat solar array?

I have a sailboat that currently has 2 100 W panels, in parallel, connected to Newpowa 30 A MPPT controller, connected to 580 Ah of 12 V lead acid batteries. Basically runs the fridge. Works well up ...
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How to use solar power with grid backup without net metering

So here is my situation. I am using a lot of electricity out of a couple specific outlets, 24/7. I want to install some solar panels, an inverter, and have these outlets (or possibly the whole house ...
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How much polysilcon is required to make 1GW of solar modules? [closed]

Could anyone give me a good anwser here, even an approximation?
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DIY portable solar panel mount

So I just bought one of the 28W Big Blue portable solar panels on Amazon and got myself a cheap camera tripod from a local garage sale, all for an upcoming camping trip. I want to use the tripod to ...
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Difference in Solar wattage between 24V and 48V system

[Cross-posted on Victron's community ] Background: I'm on a boat with a 48V system and a 24V ...
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How does the afterheating function work for a solar hot water controller?

I have Resol DeltaSol BX controller for my solar hot water which I would like to configure best for my situation but the wording is a bit puzzling for me to understand. It was installed about 9 years ...