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Biomass plants. Why do we use them?

I've recently read they are classified as "clean energy", and some nations do not count the CO2 emissions it produces towards a national CO2 quota/limit. At this point I am a little confused. Won't ...
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In what unexpected ways could human hairs be recycled or upcycled? [duplicate]

Currently, hairdressers around the world throw away tonnes of human hairs after they have given someone a new hairstyle. I know people sometimes donate their hair, which can be used to create wigs. ...
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5 votes
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What the best plant to grow on human waste and fix CO2?

My goal is to convert human waste into (less disgusting and more useful) plant mass while decreasing CO2 (for the sake of it) and I want to find seriously the most proper plant for that (I would think ...
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How does one calculate the wattage of a biomass fired water heater

My newly designed "biomass fired water heater" gives 50 liters of boiled water within 20 minutes by firing 2kg of firewood. Room temperature is 30 deg. centigrade. Please let me know how to calculate ...
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Sustainability of wood pellet sources for biomass boiler

We're considering a biomass boiler for our guesthouse (1820 vintage with corresponding energy issues). The opportunity to reduce gas usage and the economics of the RHI scheme in the UK (a sort-of ...
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11 votes
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How can I can sustainably use the biomass of garden weeds?

When pulling out weeds in the vege patch, I want to think of more ways that I can put it to good use that might be even better than merely letting it break down above the ground on its own (assuming ...
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8 votes
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What would be the most sustainable biomass source for (100%) ethanol production?

So I have read that sugar (cane) is way more efficient than corn, (and that Brazil leads the way in taking initiative to actually bother with this advance in biofuels sustainability), and that, based ...
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6 votes
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How to manage a clogged chimney problem in a rocket mass heater?

I see some designs for rocket mass heaters on the internet and I found them very interesting as a sustainable heat source. In a normal wood-burning fireplace, the chimney needs frequently cleaning. ...
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Is it possible to carry out large-scale seaweed cultivation for biomass / biofuel production?

Various forms of biomass, biofuel and biogas production are already in operation: wood waste, ethanol from sugar cane, primary wood (willow, poplar, pine), miscanthus, anaerobic digestion of organic ...
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